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Creative Milk is a digital design agency founded in 2013 based in Johannesburg South Africa

What we offer.

Creativemilk is a turnkey creative agency that cultures brave thinking and creative decision making.

As an agency, we constantly pasteurizing (refining) the relationship between the consumer and your brand, by creating smart, effective and fun communication for both your staff and your clients.

As an incubator, we’re herding the next level of creative cattle that will lead and inspire the art of advertising.

Why we offer.

We want you to taste our milk because we win minds with design, tell stories through our ideas and shape dreams with branding and innovation. We provide legend-dairy solutions to suit your business needs:

Full cream–  an idea at its rawest to take your business to the next level.

Fat-Free – cultured ideas with simple creative solutions.

Skim – pasteurized ideation with groundbreaking creative execution.

Soy – engineered creative solutions to break through the clutter and set you apart.

How we milk it.

Creatively, Smartly, Strategically,

Bravely, Digitally, Progressively

and Passionately.

Get in touch with us to see how

Smart and flexible digital services

We created a visual storytelling experience to spotlight Harmless Harvest’s ground-breaking ecosystem based business.

  • Web Development

  • Branding

  • Print Advertising

  • Strategy

  • Art Direction

  • UI/UX Design

  • Social Marketing

  • Mobile App Development

Clients we have milked!

We are specialists in global and local social strategy, conception and execution, always grounding our work in creative thinking and insight.